Looking to Develop Cultural Understanding?

Want to connect with South Asian Communities?

Let us be your guide.

Developing culturally specific programming and/or engaging with diverse communities takes time, commitment, and understanding. MELA Arts Connect offers services as a cultural consultant for organizations seeking to deepen their understanding, work, and/or engagement with culturally-specific arts and communities.

As a team with lived experiences as South Asian-Americans, cultural expertise in the arts of South Asia*, and advocates for diversity on and off stage in the arts, we offer a variety of services to develop you and your team’s understanding and work.  Whether it is cultural consulting on South Asian performing arts and culture, cultivating meaningful relationships with the community, building cultural awareness within your organization, or designing and leading programs and workshops for your organization, MELA can assist you and your organization.

Past projects include:

  • Cultural consulting on South Asian arts and culture
  • Designing and facilitating panels on programming culturally specific arts
  • Identification of trends and interests of the local Indian community
  • Consulting on a (successful) grant application to bring Muslim voices and artists to a college community
  • Facilitating conversations with stakeholders to set the foundation for meaningful programming that considers the needs, wishes, and goals of all parties.

Not sure if bringing on MELA Arts Connect as a cultural consultant is the right fit for you, but want to at least explore including South Asian performing arts in your programming? Learn more about how MELA can help you in that endeavor.

*South Asia includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

Organizations we’ve worked with: